Excel Training Planner


The first thing I would like to share is an excel sheet which motivated me to create this blog in the first a place.
The sheet has become my primary planning tool for my training ever since I found the original version by Julian Baumgartner on GoldenCheetah googlegroups.
I have since made a few modifications and will hopefully keep doing so. A few days ago I cleaned it all up to make it worth publishing.

The main two features are:

  • Calculate/predict TSS for interval workouts
  • Calculate/predict CTL, ATL, TSB, CTL ramp rate, cumulative TSS (3d, 7d, 28d) etc. based on planned workouts

The main purpose is to make use of the PMC data in long-term planning, periodisation, peaking etc.
However using it requires a certain knowledge on how to make a training plan. I may in the future publish a few model training plans or training blocks, compatible with the sheet.

Here is a download link, instructions on how to use the sheet are on the first sheet.
Please let me know what you think and if you have suggestions or find a mistake.


For those who have downloaded this file previously from BikeRader or TOUR-magazin forums, I have updated the graphs from the first version I published.

Last but not least a few screenshots:

CTLramprate Data details PMC Schedule TSStotals

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Hello everyone,
This might turn into a blog where I’ll share information, thoughts and opinions on road racing and training by power.
I hope you’ll like it.

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